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The Colorado Student Nurses Association (CSNA) is a pre-professional
organization for pre-nursing and nursing students enrolled in an accredited
diploma, associate or bachelor degree program in Colorado. Our goal is to
aid in the personal and professional development of future nurses through
education and leadership promotion. We are also a constituent member of
the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).
CSNA 2014 Fall Convention

October 11, 2014

University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO

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CSNA Awards and Honor Booklet

The CSNA Board of Directors is proud to present the 2015 CSNA Awards and Honors
Booklet.  The purpose of this annual booklet is to recognize and honor the outstanding
achievements of the constituent SNA associations in the State of Colorado.  We recognize
that CSNA member schools are dedicated to promoting the interests of student nurses in
Colorado, fostering positive relationships and outreach programs in their respective
communities and providing educational resources for their peers through creative and
innovative initiatives.  We believe these efforts should be acknowledged and rewarded and
the awards presented in the booklet give our member schools the opportunity to be
recognized for their efforts.  Take a moment and review the various awards we offer and
apply.  The deadline for all award applications is February 7, 2015.

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During our Fall convention, one of our esteemed speakers, Dr. Lola Fehr, presented
Ready or Not - Here Comes Health Care Reform, which she provided to CSNA.  As one
of the many State awards being presented this Spring, an award will be given to the
nursing student that presents Dr. Fehr's presentation to the most health care facilities
in their area.  If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please
contact CSNA at  Take a look at this very informative
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CSNA would like to extend a thank you to 3C Event Center.  We would also
like to thank our speakers, vendors and sponsors, as well as all those who
attended - you made the convention a success!