Colorado Student Nurses Association Building Colorado's Future Nurse Leaders

Theresa Garland - Vice President

Theresa Garland is a nursing student at Trinidad State Junior College in Trinidad, Colorado.


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Beth DeMarco Communications Director

Beth DeMarco is a dually enrolled AD/BSN student at Pikes Peak Community College and Beth-El College of Nursing at University of Colorado Colorado Springs in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

When anyone asks me what kind of nursing I am interested in, I will immediately say "pediatrics!" I can feel my face light up when meet children. But, I absolutely loved my time in the ER and I have a strong interest in neurology, particularly multiple sclerosis, mal de debarqement syndrome (MDDS), and ADHD.

Before I became a nursing student I was a stay at home mom and military wife. I have lived in North Carolina, Italy, South Korea, Nebraska, Florida, and now Colorado.

I got involved with CSNA because I have seen how important it is for nurses to have a voice and stand together to make things better for nurses everywhere and the patients in their care. As students, we have a voice too and can use it to influence the future of our profession.

Communications Committee Members: Claire Ackley - CSU Pueblo, Ashley Jones - CSU Pueblo, Natalie Trolle - CSU Pueblo

Leg/Ed Director

Mary McGregor is our Leg/Ed Director from Platt College.

Projects Director-North

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Membership Director-South

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OPEN POSITION Membership Director-South

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Projects Director-South

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Break Through to Nursing

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