Colorado Student Nurses Association Building Colorado's Future Nurse Leaders

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Colorado Student Nurses Association presents
the 2018 Annual Meeting

Theme: Success in Nursing School

Location: University of Northern Colorado Greeley


Keynote Speaker: Nancy Norton 

Ms. Norton will bring an uplifting, insightful message through humor and laughter. She is a Registered Nurse, standup comedian, and professional speaker. With over 20 years headlining experience, her message "Find Your Ahahaha Moments! Laugh and Stay Strong!" addresses the many benefits of humor for business, stress management and health enhancement...while LEARNING the benefits of humor. 

Nursing Student/Advisor Registration

Watch LIVE via Facebook LIVE or later (after clinical)

If you cannot make it to the convention but would like to watch LIVE please register here!  If there is a topic that an instructor or student would like to see, or if you are missing due to clinical then register this way to watch up to four weeks after the convention is over.

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