Colorado Student Nurses Association Building Colorado's Future Nurse Leaders

Do you want to be involved, but do not know where to start?

You are in the right place! At the right time!  

We are a Student Run Association which means that we are ALL busy Student Nurses. However, there is plenty to be done in order to be a strong Student Nurse collective voice for Colorado.  

Each position of office would benefit from committee members to assist in the execution of tasks.  Being on a committee is an excellent way to dip your toe in the water of 'Student Nurse Leadership' to see if Officially Serving as a Board Member Director is something that you want to commit to for One Term.

2 Options to be involved: 

Committee member 
Does not require election or waiting to get involved  CLICK HERE TO APPLY
  • No voting rights
  • No Service Commitment
  • Entry level position

Board Director
Requires Election or Appointment by President  CLICK HERE TO INQUIRE
  • Voting rights
  • 1 year commitment of service
  • Serious Student Nurse Leadership Role

Below is a list of Board Positions, Scope and Term Status':    

  • President Elect - Visionary & Leadership 
  • Vice President - Co-Visionary & Leadership
  • Secretary -  Record Keeper 
  • Treasurer - Budget, Finance
  • Breakthrough to Nursing Director -Promote Nursing Education Opportunities
  • Leg/Ed Director - Promote awareness of Legislative and Educational issues that affect the Nursing Profession
  • Communications Director - Voice of CSNA, Website Management- Communications Chairperson 
  • Communications Director - Newsletter, Email Communications 
  • Communications Director - Social Media, Creative
  • Membership Director (North) - All things Recruiting
  • Membership Director (South) - All things Recruiting
  • Projects Director (North) -Fall Conference Planner
  • Projects Director (South) - Spring Conference Planner
  • Co-Advisor: Lori Rae Hamilton RN, MSN 719-680-0121- state advisor, state liaison
  • Co-Advisor: Adam Diesi RN, BSN