Colorado Student Nurses Association Building Colorado's Future Nurse Leaders

Want to become a board member?! Where to start...

After checking to see what positions are up for election at the next conference, read the by-laws to see a description of what that position entails and determine which would fit you best. 

Once you are confident that you could comfortably execute on those duties, AND you are willing to commit to 1 Full Term of Service... Then begin working on the checklist below.

1. Send an email to with your intent to run.

2. Include the following items in your email:

  •     Position you wish to run for
  •     Why you are called to serve in that capacity for Colorado SNA
  •     Qualifications that you believe make you the best candidate for the position
3. Write a 1 minute pitch that you will give either in person or via video to the members            at the next election.  Some things to consider including may be:

  • Who you are

  • Why you would be the best candidate

  • What you wish to accomplish during your term

4. Spend some time reviewing NSNA's website to learn more about the bigger picture.
5. Ensure you are a current member of NSNA.  If not, JOIN now. 

6. Register to attend the next conference. 

7. Recruit some classmates to become members so they can VOTE for you and bring             them with you to the next conference elections so they cast their vote!